attn_header_corrATTN: CORRESPONDENCES seeks proposals for sustained (30-60 page) collections of correspondence between poets. The series is a chapbook supplement to the print journal, ATTN:, that publishes intimate, sustained, documented exchanges. So many books of letters between poets we love have been vital to our own thought around writing life and practice, and this series is an effort to foster and circulate precisely these types of engagement.

We particularly encourage proposals from writers of color. There are no restrictions as to theme/topic. The exchange might already be in your inbox or file cabinet, or may be as yet unwritten. The discussion might be wide ranging or more focused. It could even center on a discussion of a single book/author, a single problem, etc. Maybe it took place during a particular period or event, and maybe it’s been going on for years.

We’ll publish two chapbooks per year in this series (more as money & time allow). Edition size of 200. Covers letter pressed, laser printed guts. Authors will receive complimentary copies.

Proposal Guidelines: Please include the following in an email to, with the subject heading, “ATTN: Correspondences.”

  • A brief synopsis of your correspondence (no more than 300 words)
  • The approximate length, dates, and medium of your exchange (if known)
  • Short bios for all participants
  • A list of any special requirements for publication (facsimile images, art, etc.)
  • A .pdf or .docx attachment of no more than 10 pages of the correspondence (if available)
  • If the exchange has yet to happen, please include a brief discussion of all participants’ willingness and availability.
  • If one or more participants’ side of the exchange is already housed among papers in a special collection, please submit instead as a proposal for ATTN: Open Archive.