Brenda Iijima & C.J. Martin – Broadside

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Brenda Iijima & C.J. Martin | 2013 | 18" x 17" Giclée Print | Signed
Brenda Iijima & C.J. Martin | 2013 | 18″ x 17″ Giclée Print | Signed

The third in a series of broadsides engaging visual art by poets. For this collaboration, I sentBrenda Iijima a poem and she responded with not just a collage, but an entire broadside design, complete with wood paneled background! (In the original, it’s real wood cut thin enough to be mounted with glue.) My poem is from a short sequence called “Nuclear Envoi,” written in early 2013, and it picks up on (among other things) lines from Helen Adam’s childhood reader–as does Brenda’s collage, which contains scans of pages from that book.

Printed in an edition of 25 copies.